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NSI Managed Services

NSI is your “one-stop shop” for your business technology needs. We provide a complete “Virtual IT Department” staffed with Technology Specialists that provide proactive maintenance & management of your systems. Meaning that we identify and fix problems before they cost you downtime & loss of revenues.

NSI solutions are customized to meet your unique business needs. Solutions that maximize your business without maxing out your budget.

From new regulatory & compliance mandates to cyber-crime, technology planning, risk management and information security best practices, NSI will take all of that off of your plate so you can focus on doing what you do best, running your business.

Cyber Security

Whether you have 10 employees or 250, cyber criminals do not discriminate who & when they will attack next. We protect your systems from viruses, hackers, spyware, and even disgruntled employees. With NSI’s 24x7x365 proactive management & maintenance we will ensure that your entire business protected.

Compliance Management

Whether you are required to meet HIPPA, SOX, NIST, CMMC or PCI compliance (just to name a few), NSI will not only ensure that your network infrastructure meets or exceeds these requirements we also will handle the tedious tasks of data gathering & completing compliance questionnaires to provide you with support through out the entire process.

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From quick fixes to big fixes, we offer an extensive portfolio of professional services, including:

NSI Nationwide Network

We set up networks and support them all over the United States of Americe

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Brasil, México y Argentina lideran en la adopción de Connected TV

06/08/2023 10:43 am

Recientemente en nuestro estudio “Connected TV, OTT y Addressable Advertising, 2022” elaborado en colaboración con IAB Hispanoamérica y auspiciado por SunMedia, Pluto Tv, Roku, OMG, Teads, Totalplay, Show Heroes Group, Google, Amazon Ads, Televisa Univisión, Warner Bros, Samsung Ads, NBCUniversal, y Globoplay; se realizó una encuesta para comprender y dimensionar el consumo de CTV en América Latina. A través de estos datos, logramos identificar los países que lideran en la adopción de esta tecnología y los hábitos de los usuarios en la región.

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What are the most visited social media platforms among Gen Z?

06/07/2023 02:00 pm

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Comscore Markets® - Interactive Map

06/07/2023 01:36 pm

Using Comscore’s insights into the differing ways that groups consume media at the local level, broadcasters and cable networks can feature their Local TV reach into specific communities where organizations want to get their messages, and advertisers can identify the right channels to reach their intended audiences.

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Indy 500 Drives Ratings in Indianapolis, IN

06/06/2023 03:00 pm

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Relevance is the new Reach: Comscore Interact London 2023 Summit

06/02/2023 04:18 am

Comscore’s first Interact Summit in London shared invaluable digital insights for the brand, publisher and agency professionals who gathered for our daylong event in Leicester Square. If there was one theme that continued to emerge in the panel discussions, presentations and Q&As throughout the day it was that relevance is the true path to reach.

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